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Off-Topic Foods / Re: Chocolate Chip Cookies.
« Last post by jkb on Today at 08:06:55 AM »
I grew up on the Toll House recipe and will never change.  The salt, sweet, buttery Maillard, toasted walnut balance is what my taste buds want.  I didn't hate staying at a Doubletree when traveling for business, though.
I'm actually surprised most do overnight. I would have guessed more in the 2-4 hour range.
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Chocolate Chip Cookies.
« Last post by deb415611 on Today at 06:47:43 AM »
this recipe looks good

Looks great. I hate chocolate cookies that cool down. I will only eat them while the chocolate chunks are still gooey. I only buy the nestle tollhouse packagre and bake what me and the wife and kid will eat that day. the rest goes in the fridge for another day.

I make dough and scoop it out then freeze.  That way I can take out the amount of cookies that I want.
Detroit Style / Re: Detroit Style - My way
« Last post by wilson502 on Today at 05:50:06 AM »
  Thanks for the details, much appreciated!  Never thought of cooking a DS in the ooni, but would love to try it. Would you recommend the steel plate or do you like the stone?  Thanks again.

The steel plate has the advantage of being more durable and being significantly more thermally conductive than the stock stone. Ive only cooked 1 pizza on it so far with the steel, but I will say it makes a noticeable difference in browning the bottom faster. When I cooked this same pizza the first time with the stock stone, the bottom wasnt quite as browned as it was with the steel when cooked the same amount of time. I found the steel eliminated the need to parbake the dough beforehand for this style to compensate for this.
New York Style / Re: First try on NY-Style
« Last post by photosvein on Today at 03:45:11 AM »
Good job. How was the flavor?
It was a little too burned on the edge for my taste but the rest was good :)
Neapolitan Style / Re: My trip to Naples and back
« Last post by Wario on Today at 03:24:44 AM »
I usually eat pizza at night, that's why the pictures are a bit dark.

Off-Topic Foods / Re: Today's Bread
« Last post by Papa T on Today at 02:55:39 AM »
Really, this post is about bread. But, what to do with four pounds of left over turkey meat, and 11 quarts of homemade turkey stock? I could freeze it, but that would mean eating more turkey for turkeyís sake down the road. Honestly, Iím not that much of a turkey fan. The stock could easily be frozen for future use, but thatís not how I usually roll. I make enough chickens that I usually have a few quarts of homemade chicken stock in the fridge. The solution is corn.

I keep an ample stock of 15.5 ounce cans of no salt added sweet kernel corn in the pantry. With Thanksgiving a week past, I also had one 14.7 ounce can of creamed corn in stock, a cupboard always stocked with dry seasonings and spices. Ample carrots and celery in the fridge veg drawer, eight scallions needing to be used, and being kept company by a one pound link of smoked sausage. Itís chowder time using canned corn with its water and all. I mulched two cans of corn with a stick blender, used one can as is for the visual, and the creamed corn is what it is.

So, with the turkey cut in ĺ inch pieces, 11 quarts of homemade turkey stock, 3.8 pounds of canned corn, one pound of sliced and rendered smoked sausage, two cans of evaporated milk, a mix of scallions, celery, carrots, red and green peppers, a couple cloves of garlic, EVOO, and Papa T's secret 11 herbs and spices (hmmÖ the Colonel uses 11 too), itís corn chowder time. It's slap yourself silly good, but like all soups, stews, chowders, and chili, they are better the next day, so into the fridge. That gives me time to make some bread the next day.

I decided to make an Italian style loaf of moderate hydration. This loaf was 680 grams, about 24 ounces, using KAAP flour, 62.5% hydration, and 2% each of salt, sugar, and oil. I used 1.5% IDY, but you could much less if you wanted to make the dough and leave it in the fridge for a day or two to build some flavor. Since I was going to be using the bread to dunk in the chowder, I went for the quicker rise method, with 1.5% IDY and water at 115F. It was mixed in my stand mixer for Iím guessing about 8-10 minutes. I stop the mixer after about 6 minutes or so, pull on the dough to see if it tears easily. When it doesnít tear easy, I stop mixing. If it tears, then another couple minutes in the mixer. After enough bread making, you just know. When ready, I shape into a tight ball, and then into a covered oiled bowl to rise.

The dough doubled in an hour at 71F RT. I knocked the gas out of it, then rolled it into a log for the next rise on a sheet pan. I covered it with a damp tea towel, and preheated the oven to 400F. It had doubled again after an hour on the sheet pan sitting next to the stove. I brushed the loaf with an egg wash, sprinkled on some sesame seeds, scored it, and into the oven for 22 minutes, turning the pan 180 at the 11 minute mark. I let the bread cool on a rack for one hour before cutting. It takes much will power to do that, no joke. I used slices of bread as a spoon for the chowder and ate a few more than pictured here. Yes, that is cranberry jelly on the bread plate next to the blob of butter. It's jelly and goes really well on any toasted and buttered bread. Overall, it doesnít really get much better than this.
Pizza Toppings / Re: Found Pizza sausage for home sale!!!
« Last post by halfprice on Today at 01:45:38 AM »
I get the same 10lb box at costco. 
Detroit Style / Re: Detroit Style - My way
« Last post by vincentoc13 on Today at 01:31:30 AM »
In regards to the cook, I preheated it on high for about 25-30 minutes, turned it down to the "secret" low setting before putting the pizza in. I put the pan in for 6 minutes just past the opening (dont want the pan too close to the flames). Turned it 180 degrees and left it in there for another 7 minutes. Turned off the gas around the 13 minute mark, and let it sit in the back of the oven for an additional 2 minutes to give extra crisp to the bottom. Ended up being about 15 minutes total cook time.
  Thanks for the details, much appreciated!  Never thought of cooking a DS in the ooni, but would love to try it. Would you recommend the steel plate or do you like the stone?  Thanks again.
Pizza Ovens / Re: Gozney Dome or Maximus Arena
« Last post by Pandasbecats on Today at 01:15:57 AM »
I have a unused / out of the box Passione with Saputo.  There was a health matter where I was unable to use it after buying.  I've considered putting it up for sale a few times but haven't out of stubbornness.  Largely bc I know once it's gone it'll be impossible to get again.

Theyíre a great line of ovens, but yeah would do the same in your situation. The second hand market wouldnít capture your ovenís true value anyways
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