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simple easy gluten free "tortilla pizzas"
« on: December 06, 2015, 02:03:23 AM »
Perhaps some of you are already aware of this concept, but for those who aren't, making a gluten free pizza with tortillas is a simple, quick, easy, and cheap way to have GF pizza without the hassle of making dough. This also works as a non-gluten free recipe of course.


-- two normal rectangular baking pans.  I use two pans to make four large tortillas pizzas at a time, but I'm a bit of a pizza glutton :)  If you want to make only two pizzas at a time, you can use one pan.

-- tortillas about 8"-10" diameter apiece.  I use Food For Life's frozen brown rice tortillas, as these taste good and usually fit perfectly side by side in my baking pans.  I've found that some brands work WAY better than others.  You may have to experiment with different brands and find which ones taste best to you, and which ones are too large to fit on your baking pans except for one at a time.  I don't think the corn-based tortillas work too well for this recipe; rice-based tortillas seem to work better.

-- excellent quality pizza sauce.  I use Escalon's 6-in-1 sauce.  Don't just use store bought crappy sauce with this; you can, but it really will be superlative with the better quality sauce.

-- a fine quality cheese, preferably bocconcini, but any good quality mozza cheese or cheese blend will do.  I use bocconcini that I get at the supermarket.  Look for deals; some boccocini brands cost a lot more than others.

-- olive oil.  NOT extra virgin!!  Just regular or mild olive oil.  Get as good a quality oil as you can get.

-- fresh basil leaves.

-- A pizza spice mix.  Here's the recipe I use, which I think tastes absolutely fantastic: mix one-third basil spice, one-third oregano (the coarser oregano, not the finely ground version that's as fine as dust), and one-third crushed coriander seeds.  I crush my own coriander seeds by putting them in a sealed plastic bag and running over them a bunch of times with a rolling pin until they're as crushed as possible.  Mix all this together in any quantity you want.

OK.  So once you've got all that ready, here's the recipe:

1.  Place your oven rack as low as it will go, then pre-heat the oven to 485 degrees.  Make sure the second rack, if your oven has one, is either removed or high up in the oven so that you have room to work with.
1.  Put two tortillas apiece side by side on one pan.  Do the same for the other pan.
2.  Sauce them up with a spoon, then put the cheese on.
3.  Run some fresh basil leaves under cold water, then use scissors to cut small pieces and scatter them around each pizza.  This can be annoying because the basil will stick to the scissors.  I usually drop about 8 basil pieces on each pizza, each piece being about a quarter-inch to around a half-inch.
4.  LIGHTLY drizzle some olive oil on each of the pizzas in a spiral pattern from outside to inside.  I try to use as little oil as possible when drizzling....mere drops.  You don't want your pizza tasting like nothing but olive oil.
5.  By now your oven should be finished pre-heating.  Place the pans on the lowest rack, side by side.  It may be a tight squeeze in some ovens.  If you have to put the second pan slightly overlapping on top of the first pan, don't sweat it.
6.  Bake for approximately 7 minutes, depending on your oven.  I remove my pizzas when the edges of the tortillas are lightly browned but not burnt, and the cheese is fully melted.
7.  Put one pan on top of the oven to keep warm.  Remove the pizzas from the other pan and put them on plates.  Cut them into four pieces, then lightly dust them with the spice mix.  When you're done wolfing down the first two pizzas, go grab the next two.

And there you have it--quick, easy gluten free pizza without the hassle of making dough.  And remember--use quality ingredients.  This will all still work if you buy no name sauce and cheese, but it won't be as tasty.
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