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Detroit Style / Re: Pizza Today Recipe for Detroit Style Pizza
« Last post by RHawthorne on Today at 12:37:29 PM »
I don't understand your question. Either way, TF or grams per square inch, it's thin. The recipe calls for 3g sq/in.
I'm coming up with 14 g/sq in.
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Today's Bread
« Last post by foreplease on Today at 12:33:15 PM »
I had a wonderful surprise here at Univ. Of Chicago this morning. A nurse we have become close to over the last 3 1/2 years, “Asta,”  is from Lithuania. When we first met I knew where she was from because my primary care physician is from Lithuania and has the same accent. When I chose my PCP several years ago the only research I did (because a friend who is a doc recommended her) is what are the most popular foods in her country. Dark rye bread was at the top of the list.

Asta got a kick out of that story when we first met. After many lengthy visits here, this week she brought me her family’s bread recipe and translated it for me. Something I am looking forward to trying to make. For the last 2 days I have been in a different area of hospital from Asta. Yet she surprised my wife and I this morning with a loaf of her family’s bread, a stick of butter, and a sharp knife early this morning. We are headed home in about 30 min with much appreciation for the people of UC and many good memories.
The only Carbon-specific info I'd add to the excellent advice above is about dough ball size. Pick one and stick to it while you get to know this oven. I've ended up at 210g per 12-13" pizza, but Chau does a great crust with 170g. That requires a lot more skill to avoid accidents. 
Commercial Ovens / Re: Bakers Pride EP-2-2828
« Last post by Dasnyde4 on Today at 12:04:53 PM »
70% hydro with kabf. Individual ball CF for 3 days. I bake them at 550f. I didn't want to spend so much money on Lloyd's pans so I experimented with a bunch of different pans . Maybe 5 or 6 brands. The bottom was too soft and blonde with most pans but the Lloyd's and the ones from Shawn randazzo's company (rip) worked the best for a crisp bottom
Thanks.  I'm using the blue steel.  They are a pain in the rear but cheap
American Style / Re: Pizza Hut Pan Pizza
« Last post by hotsawce on Today at 11:47:21 AM »
How much oil do you use?

Oh, and don't be shy with the oil in the pan... it's almost obnoxiously excessive for true classic Pizza Hut style.
Detroit Style / Re: Pizza Today Recipe for Detroit Style Pizza
« Last post by politon on Today at 11:39:41 AM »
What are you referring to? I don't use TF. Most people outside of the Detroit area make DS much too thick. I use 3.5g per square inch.

I don't understand your question. Either way, TF or grams per square inch, it's thin. The recipe calls for 3g sq/in.
Try cheap plastic twist tie food bags. Give them a light coat of spray oil, drop in the ball, squeeze out the air, and twist-tie.
Dough Clinic / Re: Dough Weight for 14 Inch NY Style Pizza
« Last post by RHawthorne on Today at 11:19:16 AM »
No I'm not.

Yea I can definitely stretch it, it just becomes too thin it's a struggle to keep it shaped well and off the peel smoothly. I thought it was because of the high oil content but even at 1% I had the same issues.

I think it's could also just be my shaping/stretching technique. Maybe i'm pulling too much from the center of the dough and not enough from the outer areas. I'm thinking of trying again today and I can share pictures of how it goes. If I do it today though I won't refrigerate it I'll just let it sit out for 6 hours or so.
Handling and shaping techniques are definitely important, and it can take some time to get it right. If that's all it is, you'll get there, I'm sure. Sound like you already have some idea of what to try next time.
Thanks for the hat tip, however that's probably not where I'd start.

I'd suggest 62+/- 2% hydration with Caputo Pizzeria. You'll need to experiment to find your personal sweet spot.

For the salt, 2.8% - 3.1%

Assuming you're fermenting for at least 24 hours, you really don't need to mix it a lot. Get it nice and homogeneous in the mixer, let it rest on the counter for 10 min or so, then a few kneads and you should be good to go. I like 12 hours in balls, but you can go up to 24 without the dough getting too extensible. Do the rest of the time in bulk.

I'd stick with whatever your doing for yeast% and fermentation for now. See how it works - what you like and don't like about the pizza. Post some pics, and we can help you with the next set of tweaks.

If you're currently fermenting for less than 24 hours, let us know and we can give a few more suggestions.
Neapolitan Style / Re: Pizza Party on Gabriola Island
« Last post by Icelandr on Today at 11:09:01 AM »
Yikes! My immediate response was you need to set your sights higher . . . . Immediately followed by Thank you very much for your comments! I have been having fun and learning a bunch, there is not a lot better than that!
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