Author Topic: Hobart N50 and Attachments What's it Worth?  (Read 293 times)

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Hobart N50 and Attachments What's it Worth?
« on: March 16, 2022, 09:13:35 PM »
Hi y'all,

New baker here. Looking for a mixer and don't mind restoring an older one, as I've done all sorts of other restorations. Read about the Hobart N50 here. Recently came across one. Hoping to use it occasionally for dough (I know the limitations on these mixers (don't have room for a large one)), but more for general baking and such. Doesn't have a dough hook sadly.


Wondering the following:

1. What would you all pay for it?  I know these mixers are expensive online, however I think locally they can be bought for less, especially older models, and those needing restorations. I'm factoring in restoration, etc. I think they're asking something like 400, which isn't too unreasonable for these and with the attachments, though I would like to get it for quite a bit less.

2. Any insight on the attachments and if they're worth keeping? (I have limited space in the current kitchen, and tend to move often and could get by without "extras," though I would totally keep the ice cream maker if all the parts are there.)

3. Would it be wise to upgrade to a stainless steel bowl? (I know there are several 5 quart used bowls on ebay, so it's the same price or less than having the bowls retinned)

4. For those of you that have powder coated these mixer, or had auto shops paint them, how much did it cost?

5. What should I check on the mixer when looking at it in person?

6. Anyone know what the attachment with the two white knobs is?


I included pictures below. The first 2 pictures are what's included in the sale. The others are just to show comparison of parts and attachments, I found as examples. Looks like it comes with:

-2 Tin Lined Bowls (They both looks like they need re-tinning. Last time I checked that costs $50 a bowl)

-Pouring Spout

-Whip, Beater, Pastry Cutter

-An older style Pelican Head Chopper (This would be nice, though it doesn't have the double ports like the newer ones have (included picture below for reference), and it only has the grater attachment) (This could be potentially resold. It is tempting to keep as I have used them in restaurants, but would take up quite a bit of storage space, and likely not too useful cooking for 1-2 people.)

-A sieve or colander bowl (I've seen the sieve attachment (included picture below for reference), but maybe it's missing?) (Not sure what else this is good for)

-An attachment with two white knubs. (Not sure what this is for maybe it goes with the sieve? (Any insight here would be great)

-Apparently it comes with an ice cream maker. Looks like the vintage ones made by White Mountain. However sadly, it looks like all the pieces are not there, and that it is not the one for the actual Hobart/KitchenAid Mixer, instead it looks like it's just pieces from a White Mountain hand crank model. I included pictures of the KitchenAid ice cream maker, and the white mountain hand crank one for reference.

Thank you all!

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Re: Hobart N50 and Attachments What's it Worth?
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2022, 10:36:58 PM »
I was shooting the same way. Retro, restore, pricey.
Then I got one of the newer Kitchenaid 6000 HD with the DC motor, I believe they also have metal gearing.
I'ts such a beast, the stiffer anyting gets the hall effect sensor slowly ramps up more power like when I use the
old timey aluminum shredder and do the parmesan 2 wedges at a time and force all my weight on the
handle -it just automatically ups the power against me and grinds it killer fast as compared to my old Hobart K5SS!!!
And it's 6 quart too with the spiral dough hook and all, plus you get more speeds than just 3.
-Just my $0.02 worth.