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Title: VonShef Mixer 1200W is great !!!
Post by: afox on August 27, 2016, 07:51:15 PM
This mixer is amazing. I have been making dough for 2 months now and it keeps going flawlessly. It was only $110, compared to the the kitchen aid (that burned after making dough twice) at $400/$500 !!!!!
Before buying it, I bought the bosh and returned it. I also looked at so many reviews of all the other mixer but every mixer was $500 or more.
I always wondered why a simple rotating motor would cost $500 ????
Since the VonChef was so cheap I though I would return it too, but I have been so happy since buying it.

Don't believe the reviews you read or watch of kitchen aid and others, these people get the machines for free and this is why they always say good things about them.

I'll update this post with a video of me making dough as I have more time

Title: Re: VonShef Mixer 1200W is great !!!
Post by: afox on September 04, 2016, 02:26:43 PM
here's my 1st video. I'll be posting a better one when I get a chance

I am mixing 50% regular flour and 50% whole wheat


1. its works perfectly each time, a real powerhouse in the kitchen
2. it's very light and easy to move around
3. very inexpensive and at $110 the best deal around for a mixer.


1. the power cable is very short (like 2 feet or something)
2. it's very noisy (but not much more then other mixers)
3. the exterior it's made with plastic not metal (that's why it's light)
4. The instructions says you can't wash the dough hook in the dishwasher