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New York Style / Re: More flavour in dough
« Last post by norma427 on Today at 07:59:54 AM »
Tried the mesh screens because don't think most of my doughs were fermented enough, but not really sure what was wrong with the doughs.  The doughs wanted to almost just stretch way to easily and they wanted to stick to the peel, even though the hydration of all of the doughs was 61%.  After almost having a disaster in a peel sticking to the peel and trying everything (even blowing under it  :-[) decided not to have a mess in the oven and just folded the pizza up and threw it in the trash can.  :-D All of the doughs used the same formula for Tuesday and the final dough temperatures were in a few degrees of each other.  I tried to open cold and doughs heated up.  Nothing seemed to make a difference.

The mesh screens kept the pizzas rounder, there were no issues with getting the pizzas off of the wooden peel and most of the bottoms baked OK.  The pizzas were left on the mess screens till the about 1 minutes before the bottom of the bake and then slid onto the deck.  Pizzas were put in the top oven and then finished in the bottom oven, so more pies could get done sooner.  Some were just put in the bottom even.  My arms go more of a work out when using the mesh screens and sometimes I did flour the wooden peel, cause that is what is normally done.  Some of the pizzas started to brown on the bottom on the mesh screens.  Noticed that the same things apply when using the mesh screens, in that the hot and cooler spots in the oven did matter on how the bottoms baked.  Near the end of the day I could make pizza normally and didn't need the mesh screens. 

Did have one mishap with the mesh screens.  Went to put a pizza in the top oven and since the pizzas just slip off easily when using the screens, the pizza slipped backwards and onto the floor.   :-D

Only photos of one bake with the mesh screens. 

New York Style / Re: Craig's Johnny's Clone
« Last post by norma427 on Today at 07:32:57 AM »

Thanks so much Craig for starting this thread! :)  Really would like to try to sell this kind of pizza at market, but there are some things that might stop me from trying.  Everyone that tried slices so far really like the pizza.  Really interesting how the cheese down first changes everything.  This last attempt was rolled out with the big rolling pin.

^^^ very nice Norma!

Thanks Ryan!

Boy, does that look good Norma. :chef:

I wish you were baking pies here in Denver.  Yesterday I made one of my very rare trips to a pizza place here.  I stopped by a small mom and pop joint for a plain cheese slice.  The crust was O.K., but I literally could not taste the tomato or cheese! Just salt.  They were very nice people so I felt I had to finish the slice.  We need you here!


Wish I could bake some pies in Denver.  If you try this style of pizza, you will notice the taste of the sauce and cheese stand out more than what you tried yesterday at the small mom and pop joint. 

Hey Norma, maybe some road trip pop-ups!  Great pie!


Am getting to old for road trip pop-ups.  :-D It's all I can do is try to get things done at market, try to paint and do yard work at home, and try to do things for family members.  The heat is getting to me more each year too.

Can't help on the cover.  I was torn about the floor, and ended up with the Saputo, because i knew it would be easy to add a cordierite on  top   https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008O8C1P2/?tag=pmak-20   .  If you like a crispy bottom on your pie, stick with the stock stone.  If you like a softer, paler bottom, go saputo.   
Home Ovens / Re: Just Received My Pizza Party 70x70
« Last post by pbc on Today at 06:56:34 AM »

I second that. Putting an order in this week or next but torn on Saputo stones or not.

Thoughts so far?

Vinny... Can't recall, why did you upgrade to the Saputo did you find you wanted to make more neopolitan style and weren't successful with the stock? Looked like you made a ton of pizzas on the stock stone that looked amazing so curious!
Going to put in an order for a natural gas one hopefully this week. A few Qs

1. So it comes with a cover (web site is a bit difficult to understand) ? Any other accessories?

2. I'm just so torn on Saputo. Should I just go with it and get a cordierite stone (not even sure where to get custom cut ones in Canada) ? Or try out the regular bricks and order Saputo down the line if I end up making neopolitans more than I think I will?

« Last post by Roberto_buonissimo on Today at 06:40:59 AM »
i mean WHAT an awesome post ... it is simply an outstanding work, so well written, so heavenly documented and detailed.
i am really lost for words - no one will ever understand the care and love we all try to give life to our pizzas.

if there is something like a PHD graduation work on PIZZA - this is it and will always be.

OMID u are a true master and inspiration - i really adore this thread. THANKS !!!
Neapolitan Style / Re: The Doughs of My Life
« Last post by Roberto_buonissimo on Today at 06:23:36 AM »
Yesterday's pizza party was one of the larger ones this summer with 30 guests and the same amount of pizzas. The timing could not have been better, as summer finally decided to put on it's best show -- for just this one day. It was a fantastic evening with good friends, hot sun, lot's of kids running around and plenty of pizza being cooked.

I had not intended for this to turn into an experiment (and it didn't), but since I had forgotten to overgrow my culture, two different doughs were called for:

Dough 1: 100% Caputo Pizzeria, 62% water, 3% salt and 5% SD.
Dough 2: 100% Caputo Pizzeria, 62% water, 3% salt and 0.043% CY.

Both were fermented at 20.8C for 22 hours total (6 in bulk, 16 in balls). Lo an behold, they both sat at 26.5 mm in the pluviometer when they were pulled from the fermentation chamber.

The dough was bery good to work with. I thought it was sufficiently relaxed with the right amount of elasticity and stretchability. If anything, it could have stayed even a few more hours in balls (not that it was needed).

I used Solea tomatoes, from the batch that I brought me from my vacation in Italy last year. I remembered describing them as "good but not great" earlier, but that was probably colored by my disappointment that they did not bring back the "Da Michele" taste as I remembered it. I now think these tomatoes are excellent, really among the top tomatoes I have tried. I am actually pondering bringing another suitcase full back this year too (we're going to Italy later this summer), but I expect some push-back on this idea...  :-D

I attach some pictures below, including (with permission) a pose with my better half and one of my good friends (who also happens to be a regular travelling companion on our trips to Naples).

Arne your Pizzas are just FANTASTIC !!! Love your work and your passion - simply amazing - thanks for the thread and the great tips !  :chef: :chef: :chef:
New York Style / Re: Craig's Johnny's Clone
« Last post by Jersey Pie Boy on Today at 06:21:47 AM »
Hey Norma, maybe some road trip pop-ups!  Great pie!
General Pizza Making / Re: JVP123's Perfect Pizza Quest
« Last post by Jersey Pie Boy on Today at 06:14:05 AM »
That's great info, Jon!

Sounds like all is good now..Seems like I misunderstood the post; was thinking here was an issue you were having,  but happy to hear  all is well !
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