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Re: Rad Times pizza
« Reply #20 on: March 22, 2019, 12:09:37 AM »
Great points Andrew.

I'm still going in my quests for this, but today turned out a really really great dough from this formula. I was at 7% oil and 64% hydration with KA Bread Flour. I used it today in a Detroit style, lloyds pan. Absolutely the oil gave the crust a great crispy crunch when I cut and bit into it, great browning. I haven't gotten the same crunch with less oil yet, so I'm assuming thus far that the oil really is helping with that, for me. When I used it yesterday for a thin crispy handtossed, you could see it almost "frying" as they say in the oven, the bubbles and oil were glistening in there it was awesome looking.

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Re: Rad Times pizza
« Reply #21 on: March 25, 2019, 02:10:52 AM »
Rad Times pizza upskirt from a pop-up in the west Side. IMO, itís everything you need to worry about when using that much starter.

- the sugar is clearly exhausted in the dough. Iíve gotten similar colored bottoms and the texture is really undesirable. Itís not the bake - itís a dough issue.
- the gluten is compromised. Another issue with fridged sourdough and large amounts of sourdough. You can see the thin spots where the gluten is degrading. Itís very uneven and fragile. Again, a dough issue and not a handling issue.

I am not knocking this pizza as I can only speak from my experience, but any sourdough pizza Iíve made that had a similar bottom to this, Iíve thrown right in the trash. Is that crust color and texture with those eating characteristics worth it for a potentially unnoticeable flavor improvement? I personally do not think so.

Edit: Attached is a similar bottom from one of my own sourdough pies over a year ago. Notes say ďinedible. Chewy. Spongy.Ē They look very similar, no?

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Re: Rad Times pizza
« Reply #22 on: March 27, 2019, 12:05:12 AM »
Here is some i made today-

one pepperoni
one white pie with mushrooms
one vegan pie inspired by pizza head STL- I saw his demo in Vegas and was impressed by the simple deliciousness.

I'm new to SD and so far I've learned quite a bit. I like the challenge, the work flow, dough feel, and, effects on texture. I can't really detect a flavor difference between the SD I've been doing and wither poolish or long CF dough.

I'll see if I notice any difference between today (72ish hr) and tomorrows (94ish hr) on the gluten development side.

I've wasn't fond of  the dough results after 5 day+ CF. Too tough and pale. 2-4 days seem right for my taste. 

Hotsawce- I couldn't tell from your post if you had the pizza or just are commenting from the pics? I had it in Vegas and it was nice. The pics look to me like poor heat ballence. I hear what your saying about risks of gluten degradation being the casue as well.

I'm getting results pretty simular and I'm happy. My biggest struggles are getting and maintaing consistant bakes in a BS in the 675-700 degree range with suffcient top/deck ballence.