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Flour Guide and about flour from past years..
« on: January 16, 2010, 07:56:26 AM »
There are free flour guides from Dutch Valley at our local country store.  After reading the flour guide and not being able to post it here, I looked for a similar flour guide.  Although I couldn’t find a similar flour guide right now, I found these articles.

This was an interesting guide I found on the web.  Maybe we all could use these fancy machines to be able to determine how our flour would perform when making
With names like Farinograph (page 45), Extensigraph (page 47), Alveograph (page 49), Mixograph (page 52), Glutomatic (page 53), Amylograph (page 54), Rapid Visco Analyzer (page 56), and Solvent Retention Capacity (page 57) these analyzers would be fun to play with.

Another interesting article is about Flour Bolting (Sifting) and Bolting Cloth from:
This was about Flour Bolting: During the period of the 16th to the 19th centuries a lot of developments happened in sifting or bolting flour. The fabric and the machines of bolting changed during this period. Some people seem to thing that sifting or bolting flour is something of the modern era. The Romans sifted wheat into seven grades of flour, and for the most part used woven horse hair for bolting cloth.

Another article about adding additives years ago about bleaching flour and what is does or doesn’t do for flour.
If anyone is interested in reading these articles, they can tell about how they test flour, now and how they did different things in the past.

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