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Stainless Steel Peel Shopping
« on: February 05, 2010, 02:01:01 AM »
I'm shopping for a peel to remove up to 18" NY style pizzas from the oven.  I was looking at the american metalcraft aluminum peels at my local flour distributor and, beyond the build quality not being very impressive, the gauge of the aluminum was thick and kind of clunky. I'm guessing that aluminum, in general, needs to be pretty thick in order to support a large pie with toppings.

So... I'm thinking stainless steel. I'm hoping with s/s I can get good support with a thin blade.  So far, the peel that I'm gravitating towards the most is this one:

The problem is the price tag.  Even with the 'discount,' it feels a little too rich for my blood. Anyone know of a better deal on something similar?  The s/s cake lifters are dirt cheap, but it seems like everything is 10" with an offset handle. Because the handle butts into the pizza, that translates into 10" of the pizza on the blade and 8" off.  I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that. The 12" peel above with the flat handle would allow me to have 3" hanging off on all sides. That I can work with.
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