Author Topic: Sir lancelot and Unbleached/Unbromated KA bread flour  (Read 1234 times)

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Sir lancelot and Unbleached/Unbromated KA bread flour
« on: February 14, 2010, 01:30:49 AM »
Hi all,

First post.  It's been a number of years since getting by hands in the flour and creating an artistic event in the kitchen (wifes interpretation "mess") but along last we feel the juices flowing and want to get back to the fine art of baking pies.  Some years ago in the process of doing the KA flour I noted a switch in that.... There used to be a flour which I used at that time called bread machine flour it was explained to me that this was the same as KASL but because of marketing shenanigans the little guy was left with the 5# bags at the retail level.  Believe it or not I have a bag of that same flour in the freezer with a UPC of 71012-04105  (1999) the same as the bags which I bought just recently. 

If you look at the 13.3 % on this 5# bag and compare it to the 50# bag of KASL @14%  its the same when you round it up to the ton load which I understand is the norm.  There are incidental variations in some of the ingredients, however, the flours used are the same and both are unbleached and unbromated.

With this information.... after reading several of the posts about KASL flour and its almost legendary usage,  I decided that I would talk to a my local grocer who has worked with a rep from KA for some 20 Years.... this gentleman gave the above account  the same as I heard many years ago.  What would be interesting to me is the UPC on the KASL and the correlative change that brought the 5#  bag 71012-0415 into existence.

What ever becomes of this, I know one thing, the pizza's are going to start rolling again.... 13 in the last 3 weeks and with the work of allot of the aficionados on this site, I'm sure that I have already learned more than I ever knew about pizza.. thank you.

I have to tell you as I told the couple at the store today.  I told them that my wife was very upset with me about valentines day... they asked why, I told them I was rather puzzled and alarmed, also.... as I told them I bought her a dozen flowers..... 12  5# bags of flour of KA.   ;D