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Custom Milled Flour In Utah
« on: February 23, 2010, 02:00:18 AM »
So, I have looked around for KASL flour but I have come up empty handed, but in my quest for KASL flour, I stumbled across a few local mills that will mill flour to the same specs as KASL. I spoke with Jeremy at Big J Milling in Brigham City and there Hi Glute flour is 13.9-14.3% protien with an ash content of .52%. I then have the choice of Bleached or unbleached, bromated or non-bromated, ascorbic acid or no ascorbic acid. This is sooooo cool. The only downside is because it is milled to spec I have to wait 2 weeks. >:(  Price seems really fair at $8.75 for a 25# bag.  ;D

I went with the Bleached, non-bromated, with ascorbic acid. I hope this solves all my crust issues, not that I really have any.
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