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A little goes a LONG way
« on: March 13, 2005, 07:40:42 PM »
Well, my efforts have been paying off of late with ever better pies coming from my oven. Taking the tips and hints offered here to improve my NY style pie and getting a handle on using the KASL flour. I also made a batch of the secret sauce that I posted the other day in a bit of a modified version.  The sauce is my new house sauce and will be tweaked over the coming weeks.
When preparing my first pie I rememebered the tip about blowing a bit of air under the pie on the peel so I tried it and it seemed to work rather well. I did try that after sprinkling some cornmeal on the peel. Whoosh it went onto the stone. Cool!
With that pie working in the oven I prepped pie number two. I knew these pies were going to be primo just from the feel and smell of the dough. After I opened the oven door to place pie number two on stone number two I blew a bit of air under this pie. Maybe a bit more than I blew under the first pie. Not paying very close attention I must have been holding the peel on an ever so slight angle and as a result Whoosh wen pie number two into the crack that is there between the open door and the oven. A steaming smoking mess. My wife saw the whole thing happen and wondered out loud what had just happened. She kindly removed the mess from the oven while I threw my utensils around the kitchen. Pie number one was fantastic.  A light airy dough with a puffy outside lip. Very thin crust properly browned and oh so tasty. The new sauce was great as stated above and the local homemade mozz. and Romano topped it off just great.
So, three of us shared the small ten-twelve inch pie and a salad. They searched the fridge for more food and I made a freaking english muffin pizza for myself.
That trick really works! Maybe too good.

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Re: A little goes a LONG way
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2005, 07:50:04 PM »
Pizza making at home is challenging. Sooner or later everybody whiffs at the plate. That's why when you create your best effort to date, you feel so good about it.

Great story.
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