Author Topic: Where can find KASL of 50 lbs near of Mcallen o Brownsville Texas?  (Read 1258 times)

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I hope someone will help me to find KASL near of Mcallen o Brownsville Texas , I checked the site of King Arthur but I have no dealer close . Dawn Food Products etc... 

I contacted a  and they answered :
50 lb Sir Lancelot Hi-Gluten Flour - is $24.53 per bag plus the additional UPS ground shipping charge for one (1) bag of approximately $62.00 to $67.00.  UPS charges by the total weight of the order, number of cartons, and total delivery distance.

Also check and only sell 25 Lb bag $31.75 + shipping .

Shipping is more expensive than the cost of flour

Someone tell me where I can go pickup , or a shop to do but not as expensive shipments .
Or any member that  can sell bags .

I hope someone can help me.
Greetings and thanks.

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Re: Where can find KASL of 50 lbs near of Mcallen o Brownsville Texas?
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Have you called or emailed the KASL producer to find a local distributor? 

800.827.6836  USA

Email is:  [email protected]

If you can't get it, you might want to try any quality HG flour with a 13-14.5% protien content....such as All Trumps HG Flour. is a great place to buy Ezzo Pepperoni, Grande Cheese, and Flour, in case you're interested.  It was recommended to me on this website, by a fellow pizza maker.

What I like about them is...They sell two kinds Ezzo Pepperoni.  They also sell the highly recommended Margherita Long Pepperoni A/C.  One of the very successful Pizza places recently highlighted on the Travel Channel uses it.

I haven't tried the Margherita, but ordered it today and will give it a try.

Good luck!

San Antonio, TX