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JerryMac for Foccacia
« on: April 12, 2010, 10:15:25 AM »
As I learned recently, (thanks to the scientists on this board) JerryMac's awesome dough is a must use same day. Keep it any longer and the yeast exhausts the sugars and then dies off, resulting in loss of oven spring and crust taste/coloration.

So last night I made a batch of JM dough and used 65% of the ball for a nice 16" pie topeed with pepperoni and black olives. Came out fantastic.

I let the smaller dough ball rise into an oval, and gave it the usual foccacia treatment. Finger holes punched down, brushed with olive oil and topped with garlic, sliced tomato and shredded Asiago.

Came out great. This morning after sitting in Ziploc overnight the flavors are awesome.

Thanks JerryMac for such an awesome dough.