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Pizza-Photo Hoarder Repents: Latest Pie
« on: March 13, 2010, 05:04:59 PM »
I have been accused twice of failing to put up pizza photos, so here's my latest.

I made a small (8" by 8") Sicilian for myself. I used a really neat pan from my local supermarket. It's heavy steel with a nonstick coating which, I believe, is aluminum oxide. It's not Teflon. That's for sure. Whatever it is, the pizza browns nicely on the bottom and does not stick.

I used sample Grande cheese (Cheddar Blend) I needed to get rid of. I mixed it with GFS provolone and a little grated cheese, but it's still too mild for me. There was lots of fat in the cheese; only one tiny spot browned. I like it that way, but a lot of people don't.

The bottom came out nice. I should have let this bake in the pan for another minute or two before putting it on the stone, but I had forgotten the correct number of minutes.

The crust was not kneaded. I should have let it rise for another forty minutes or so, to get some decent voids, but it was very light and delicate, and it tasted delicious.

I'm not in love with this cheese, but it would be fantastic with toppings to compensate for the mildness.

Whoops, after I looked at that, I saw that there were other places that seemed browned. I have to go look at that pizza again.

The parts that look black are actually brown.