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Lowes Foods
« on: April 08, 2005, 03:17:07 PM »
Questions and Commits:

I just went to Lowes food and found out that they have the Polly-o mozzarella. This is in a 1-pound block (I think). So that makes me happy. Also I was looking at there organic can sauces and found out that they have Muir Glen pizza sauce, Full Circle tomato sauce, and Patsy’s marinara sauce. Has any one heard of these? Which one is the best?

Is this the same Patsy’s that pftaylor is talking about?

Also, I would like to order some cheese and sauce.

What sauce should I order and from where?
Escalon, Stanislaus, or anything else?

Should I order some Grande cheese or stick with the Polly-O?

King Author flour. I am out of the SL now should I just use a all purpose flour or KA bread flour? The protean is almost the same?

Thanks for your help.