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mail order cheese etc. supplier in boston
« on: March 22, 2005, 06:19:07 PM »
I stopped by my local cheese store today to ask if they were equipped to do mail order for you guys, and it turns out that they were putting together a package to ship right then and there.  They pack with these little frozen plastic sheets that they were calling dry ice.  To me it looked more like normal ice than dry ice, but I didn't ask to inspect the packaging. Unfortunately they do not have a website, or a product list.  Just give them a call, and they will tell you what they have in stock at the moment.

This place distributes a brand of cheese that they manufacture themselves called Purity Cheese.  They sell fresh mozzarella in water, along with what they refer to as dry.  The dry is normal pizza mozzarella like grande etc.  They also make their own ricotta. They make a batch of fresh mozzarella and ricotta every day.  If you get the fresh mozzarella or ricotta,  they are only willing to ship next day delivery.

They also sell a huge range of imported and domestic cheeses including 19 kinds of provolone!  They have many different types of romano, and other grating cheeses, dry sausages, prosciutto, etc.  They also have a huge selection of vinegars, olive oils, and carry the Colluccio San Marzano's
I highly recommend the Colluccio unfiltered olive oil.  At $16 for a large bottle, it tasted better to me than other oils I tested that cost three times that amount. Unfortunately they are out of stock on this right now because I just bought the last bottle!  They said it should be back in stock sometime after Easter.

I also highly recommend their purity brand dry mozzarella.  My wife and I recently did a big taste test of mozzarella, and we both preferred this cheese to Grande.  It has less moisture in it than Grande, so it might burn a little easier, but I think it has a better flavor.  They sell the cheese in one pound chunks, or six pound loaves.  They said they could give a price break for bulk orders.  Today one of the guys that works there said that when he makes pizza he prefers to use their scamorza to mozzarella.  

Fresh Cheese
81 Endicott St
Boston MA 02113