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Potato Cracker Crust.......
« on: May 11, 2010, 10:46:03 PM »
Trying out a new idea. A potato cracker crust. The crust has potatoes mixed in the crust. I used the following formulation starting with 300g of flour.
Flour       (100%)     
Potato*   (45%)       
H2o        (25%)         
Olive Oil   (4%)       
Salt         (2.4%)     
Sugar      (1.75%)   
Yeast       (.5%)         
*Klondike rose, Red skinned Golden, nuked, cooled and riced

I put the flour, potato, oil, salt, and sugar in the KA food processor and mixed for about 45-60 seconds til all was well blended and fine sand like. Then after the yeast had dissolved in the water I added that in a stream to the running food processor. As it formed a chunky ball I stopped after about 30 seconds. Took out the dough and kneaded enough to bring together and put in an oiled plastic bag and covered in a plastic container for a 24 hour or so room temp proof. I will post the results tomorrow nite. Here's a couple pics of the dough thus far.
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