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First Attempt Ideas need .02
« on: May 14, 2010, 05:15:51 PM »
I am currently posting from Iraq awaiting my mass exodus back to the house.. But, upon finding this site I have some ideas that need refining. I am originally from Chicago but upon being recalled from the IRR back to Active Duty I moved my family to Arizona which has a complete lack of real pizza. I purchased 2 chicago metallic professional deep dish 14" 1.5" deep pans.

Dough I want to emulate something like the DKM found in the recipes..

I read of a cool part semolina one too yesterday but cannot find it anymore that sounded good too.

As for the sauce I like a lot of ideas on the website but I love something thats tangy, semi sweet, and would really go well with sweet/hot sausage. I use this same sauce for hommade Spaghetti and Stuffed shells, so far it hasn't failed me for cookouts when I was at Ft. Campbell nor my own family. I want to try the Escalon tomatoes so keep that in mind.. Only problem is I don't really measure any of the stuff when I make the sauce I do it according to taste..

4 Roma tomatoes charred in the oven then seeded
1 Big Can crushed tomatoes
1 Small Can Tomatoe Paste
2 Shallots Minced
3 cloves of garlic Minced
1 Bay leaf
Oregano to taste
sugar to taste
dried basil to taste
Balsamic Vinegar to taste
Red pepper flakes to taste( love it hot!)

I first put aproximately 4 table spoons of olive oil in the pan and fry shallots, oregano, basil, and red pepper flakes on med heat till the shallots start to soften. Then I turn it on low and reduce it down in a bit of balsamic vinegar creating a sweet glaze ending in a lovely tang in the sauce. Then I put in the charred tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, garlic, and bay leaf. I simmer it for about 30 minutes while tasting it and reseasoning it half way through.

As for the toppings, I grind my own meat and sausage so I will be making a sweet and hot sausage to go on top.

Cheese I plan on using either boarshead or if I can find a place to buy it fresh in the water still. I usually just goto a deli close by or meat market and pick it up fresh. I don't know what they have in Az because I was only out there for a couple weeks.

I plan on using the dough calculator link from this website to make something for the 14" pan I purchased. I think the recipe I chose maybe tweaked some but I will follow it to the T until I stumble on something I like or you guys suggest something. It will be a chicago style deep dish with out of this world sauce and sausage with a nice sweet and spice tang. I won't make it so it over powers everything but will be a good mix of flavors. Sausage and sauce will be precooked some but not all the way since it will cook some in the oven.

Just looking for some pointers and someone to tell me what they think..