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pizza style advice, dough ??
« on: May 25, 2010, 11:45:20 AM »

I'm a pizza newbie from Spain.
Could you give me any advice on the pizza's dough recipe, please?

I like a thin dough.
I don't like it to be wet nor too dry.
I don't like it to be full of bubbles as some bakery's pizzas.
I don't like pizzas found at kebabs.
I prefer the pizzas made in some restaurants such as "La Tagliatella" and "Pizza Nostra", but I live in Spain and maybe this brands are not the same the brands found in your country.
They are a little bit elastic, a little bit crispy.

I don't like TelePizza nor PizzaHut, maybe because they don't use fresh food.

I've tried with the recipe with natural yeast and it makes the pizza to taste rather like bread, but pizzas at good pizzerias don't taste of bread. 
Do they use dry yeast instead (or both)?
What do you think about adding milk or oil to the dough?

What do thing about first baking the dough for a while? It can get down again when I open the oven to put the topping.

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