Author Topic: My latest NYC Pizzeria style endeavor  (Read 13683 times)

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Re: My latest NYC Pizzeria style endeavor
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Lol, yeah well if you found a good canned mushroom more power to ya, you mentioned the key there in bad consistency, like wet tofu they usually are.

Hey I was so impressed by the recent pics I took a 'vidi' (means a look in Clockwork Orange lingo) at your recipe. I am surprised the veg oil is working better for you, whoda thunk it. I think the result is so good due to your HG four. I have scoured the earth (local stores) and I found one shop with 40 kinds of flour. Great for semolina restocking, but no one has HG flour anywhere so I've only ever used KABF. I also refuse to buy 50 pound online, lol, but one day maybe I'll leave my town again and find some elsewhere. The only other flour I tried was the wrong kind for 550 degrees, 00, but that's a different disastrous tale.

Cheers on the work!

Thanks Striver.  I've been known to walk into a pizza joint er 2, and demand they sell me 5# sack of their flour for $5.  It usually works.  My buddy just opened his place, so now I'll have the KYROL on tap :P

I have never tried the 00 type flour.  I'd have to visit Italy and eat at a thousand Neapolitano places before I made up my mind on their style.  I'm sticking with the HG for now.  I figured out one thing for certain:  The higher the heat - the more authentic the NY style pies turn out.  I did the experiment of taking my dough to a real place.  It came out like their pies do.  The oven makes the difference.  Mine goes to 550, and it's godd enough for home pies.  My family are a bunch of pizza snobs.  And do due their inherent Greek nature of "telling it like it is", I've had the pleasure of hearing their endless critiques.  This great place (pizzamaking.com) actually propelled my pizza making into a consistent brand.

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Re: My latest NYC Pizzeria style endeavor
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Yeah the 00 is for neopolitan cooking, not for the regular 550 guys like us. I got confused because I saw all the great Varasano type pies, elite NY, and thought that was the way to go. Never mind I use no starter and cooking at 550, lol, well that matters too as it turns out. Now I just make as good as I can with what I have to work with, back to hand kneading after the mixer exploded, sort of liking it better.

On that note I saw "Master Chef" and they had to make fresh pasta this week. Chef Ramsay and his cohorts were watching and speaking of how you need the ''warmth and love of your hands in the dough to feel what's happening". I kind of subscribe to this theory.
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Re: My latest NYC Pizzeria style endeavor
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Good perspective guys, "it's all about the heat".
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