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bulkrise 50/50 flour pics
« on: September 12, 2010, 02:06:18 AM »
I made 6 pies tonight as part of a 2 night experiment.

Last night I made a varasano 10 pie recipe with 50% KABF and 50% 00 flour, FDMS brand.

One half of the dough I bulkrose at room temp overnight for 14 hours, then balled into 270 gm balls and proofed for another 4-5 hours.

I baked them into 5 pies and one desert pie baked at lower temp: margarita, sausage and carmelized onion, pepperoni, guanciale and anaheim pepper, guancale and oven roasted garlic eggplant, and carmelized butter and sugar, slathered post bake with nuttela and fresh farmers market strawberries.


Dough was silky and easy to stretch with good integrity,

At high temp it was very difficult to appreciate much difference between a 50/50 flour mix and a 100 % 00 flour pie.

The sourdough flavor was milder with the bulk rise than with my prior cold fermentation.  Reminiscent of Camoldoli cold fermented pies.

The desert pie which cooked at lower temp (stone temp 675-700) was a much denser and tougher dough.  The high temp pies were soft and airy with perhaps a bit more of a crispy skin than the 100 % 00 pies I previously baked (very subtle difference. ) Oven spring was good. 

Pictured in the next post are the

1. bulk risen dough prior to balling  (rose from about .8 quarts so about a 3X volume expansion)
2. Balls prior to shaping.
3.  pie 1; margarita.
4.  pie 5; garlic eggplant and guanciale.  Really tasty,

Tomorrow I will cook the other half of my dough following 36 hour CF.


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Re: bulkrise 50/50 flour pics
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2010, 02:12:14 AM »
Pics below