Author Topic: king aurther let me down  (Read 1298 times)

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king aurther let me down
« on: September 26, 2010, 10:23:40 AM »
 not only is pizza my hobby ,but i own a pizzeria in ohio. i have used kasl for over 10 years. it has always produced a consistent product and i felt the extra cost was justified. my supplier brings it in for me from new jersey i use 2800 hundred 25 pound bags a year.
 two weeks ago we started having problems with our dough. instead of the nice yellow color that the unbleached gives us some of it was stark white. the stark white product would not rise . we thought it was our preferment and threw it away, still had the problem. we isolated the white looking flour to a code that represents the time the flour came off the production line.out of six batches the white flour came up three times all with the same time stamp on them.20:39. all other codes were the same. we had to throw out all of the dough made with that flour out and sendt back out last delivery of flour. we had to switch to a sysco flour since we were going into the week end,but you cannot beat the kasl when it is milled to spec.switching flour creates problems in having to tweak the recipe for the milling differences.tonight i am sending pics i have never had a worst experience in 28 years in business.
  king Aurthur is milled for them by adm and they are going to visit the warehouse monday to take samples. this issue was expensive from the labor wasted as well as the customer dissatisfaction created.
 sorry wanted to vent !!