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« on: November 12, 2010, 09:22:45 PM »
hi everyone,my name is al and i am new to the forum,i have been trying to make ny style pizza at home for some time now and i am really happy with my results,i will try to post some pictures and recipes for my pizza later, but for right now i have one questions and i can see that a lot of you are experts at making pizza and i think i have come to the right place for help.i have tried to research the forum for my question but i did not really see the answer anywhere and i am sorry if there is an answer that i just did not see i tried to find it but unfortunately i had no luck.i make a really good pie with my home oven and a pizza stone that i preheat on 550 for about an hour and the pie turns out great.once i serve the pie its great for like 2-3 min and than the bottom starts to get from crispy to soggy,and i do know that this is due to the steam trying to escape trough the bottom and thats what makes it soggy,so my question is is there anyway to prevent that from happening other than serving the pizza on the crisper pan to let the steam escape so the pizza can stay crispy for some time.and also if i make to many pizzas in one night and want to save the leftovers and start using pizza boxes for the leftovers or if i wanna take the pizza to my friends house will the same problem exist if i put a hot pizza in a pizza box or does the pizza box draw the steam in to the cardboard and lrt the pizza stay crisp.thank you and i really hope that someone might have the answer to my problem.

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You might take a look at Replies 3 and 4 at,11616.msg106787.html#msg106787.

The problem you mentioned about being able to deliver leftover pizzas to friends in pizza boxes without having the pizzas become soggy or leather-like (in some cases) is a chronic one that just about all delivery pizza places experience. There are really no foolproof methods for preventing the pizzas from degrading en route to the end user. You can read some of the solutions that delivery pizza operators use at Reply 5 at,12019.msg112454/topicseen.html#msg112454. There are also all kinds of delivery bags, some with heaters, but they tend to be quite expensive and they don't always do the trick. You can read about some of the problems and challenges with delivery pizza at this PMQ Think Tank thread: