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Blue Fire Molds Kiln Shelving
« on: February 20, 2011, 12:22:33 AM »
I am using fire bricks now with my gas grill and my pizzas turn out very good.  I'm thinking of getting a stone instead but thinking of kiln shelving. 

Seems like Blue Fire Molds has a good selection.  Curious have any of you used their product?  If so what do you think of it?  Even if you have not used this brand what do you think of mullite/cordierite material?  I am familiar with cordierite but mullite I am not familiar with.  My understanding using cordierite is safe and many pizza stones are made of it but what about mullite?  Is it safe and is it efficient in making pizzas?

I'm itching to make bigger pizzas than 12x12 that I do now in the gas grill but because it's a small surface that's about as big as I can go.  If I want bigger it has to be in the oven.  Not sure how will an oven pizza is compared to my gas grill pizzas.  I mean I do know but I don't.  I did a couple in the oven and I was not impressed but the gas grill pizzas were awesome.  That said I did not experiment enough in the oven to really see if the oven pizza can be as good.  I can go bigger in the gas grill to 14x14 but those don't bake as well, the 12x12 turn out much better. 

Give me your thoughts on this Blue Fire Kiln brand.

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