Author Topic: San Diego or Orange County resources for the pizza making enthusiast?  (Read 547 times)

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There was only one other thread on this, and it was ancient and not wholly on point, so...

I am specifically looking for somewhere in SD or Orange counties (preferably SD) where I can get 20lb (or bigger) bags of KASL, All Trumps, Caputo 00 (sp?), or other high-quality flour.  But I would be interested in learning about resources, nothing pizza-related is off-topic.  For others in SDC/OC who are looking for the same thing, for what its worth I get the 5-in-1 escalon tomatoes (or whatever they are) mail-order direct from the manufacturer, I'm fine with the higher-end and/or organic cheeses available from local grocers/Costco, and pepperoni from Little Italy downtown SD.  But I haven't been able to find flour in the bulk I use it in.

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Re: San Diego or Orange County resources for the pizza making enthusiast?
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NY Bakers in San Diego has KASL and All Trumps, but the website only says 5 lb bag. That may be for shipping purposes. You might contact them and see if you can get a whole bag.

Went to Smart & Final in Murrieta today and they have 7/11 and Bell' Orto (Escalon) crushed tomatoes in #10
If you're looking for 28oz they had pretty good prices on Muir Glen. But the price for a whole #10 can isn't much more.
They have KAAP in 10 and 25 lb bags. Didn't see any high gluten at this location so maybe check a Smart & Final near you.
The Central Milling Organic flour at Costco is good too if you can still get it. Costco has lots of stuff. DOP EVOO, buffalo mozzarella, DOP parmigiano reggiano, good spices. Costco Business Center has 6 in 1's.