Author Topic: What is up with the "Healthy Pizza" spin?  (Read 2120 times)

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What is up with the "Healthy Pizza" spin?
« on: April 09, 2012, 03:34:51 PM »
What is up with adding junk to the dough to make pizza "healthy?" First I saw Power Pizza with their whey-protein laced dough.,18617.msg181450.html#new

Then there is this place, Naked Pizza: "The Naked goal is to bake a healthier pie than pies from the rest of the chains. The campaign begins with the Naked crust, made with the restaurant’s “Ancestral Blend” of 10 grains, plus prebiotic fiber and probiotics." At least they give nutritional info.,71548/

Ancestral blend of 10 grains? I wonder how many of the probiotic bacteria survive the baking process? Maybe SD counts as probiotic? Hey, I think I'm making healthy pizza too.  :-D

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