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Lamonica's NY Pizza Los Angeles
« on: November 25, 2010, 03:37:41 PM »
Any of you who live or visit Los Angeles ever been to Lamonica's NY Pizza?

I used to work in downtown Los Angeles and there is one there and I used to go maybe once a week or so.  It was very good in my opinion.  I checked their website yet I don't see a downtown LA location so I wonder if they shut down.  They list a Westwood (near UCLA) location only unless I am looking at the location site wrong.  I have been to the Westwood location too before.  They had one in Pasadena that is now closed.

When I was younger I didn't know it was called Lamonica's.  I thought it was simply called New York Pizza.  I had no idea that NY Pizza is a style back then I thought it was just the name of a place but it's really Lamonica's NY Pizza. 

The law firm I used to work for was cool because they used to order like 10 pizzas from them at least twice a month so I got as much of it as I wanted.  It's very good pizza.