Author Topic: New Haven pizza in Ky?  (Read 3787 times)

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Re: New Haven pizza in Ky?
« Reply #25 on: December 14, 2010, 06:47:40 PM »
As promised here are some photos of the pie I baked to night...A goodfellas clone cooked in a oven set at 585(preheated for 1 1/4 hours) for a total of 6 minutes...In my opinion could have gone another 1 1/2-2 but after what happened yesterday I was behaving timidly...I hope this incident hasnt scarred me for life...

I'd like to suggest, judging from the upskirt shot, that your instincts were functioning perfectly; another 1 1/2-2 minutes at that temp would have burned the bottom for sure. Or do you mean that it still tasted under-baked even though it was very well-charred?

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Re: New Haven pizza in Ky?
« Reply #26 on: December 14, 2010, 10:46:58 PM »
It didnt taste under baked at all, and I guess 1- 1 1/2 would be too long, but I would have broiled it for 20-30 seconds to get the top slightly more well done, but my girlfriend on the other hand would detest to this as our opinions on pie "doneness" are completely different.  This was cooked to her liking as the pepperoni half was hers and the plain w/broc and red onion was mine, and with a slight obession with NH style lately I would have loved to push the top a little more and pull out slightly more flavor, but all in all for sub-par sauce and cheese(broke college student, though I understand the importance of top quality ingredients this week has been tight...) the pizza was a success.  I have two balls that are frozen waiting for my return after break and I am bringing my AT flour home with me so im looking forward to the holidays filled with amazing pies!