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Re: My Journey into the Deep...
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Over the years I have taken note of how much oil is used in doughs that are said to be deep-dish doughs, and the range of oil usage has been from about 8% to about 24%, although a few of our members have increased the high end even more. I agree with you that it would be impossible to toss a dough with 20% oil and 50% hydration and that is one of the reasons why I felt that the Giordano's dough used less oil than most members were using. When I have made the Papa John's clone doughs with about 7% oil, which is just below the low end of the above range, I found that the combination of the percent of oil and the hydration had to be around 62% for me to be able to toss and spin the skins without experiencing excessive extensibility. When I made the Giordano's clone doughs, the combination of oil and water by percent ranged from 60-64%, with the percent of oil ranging from about 11.9-13.3%. At those values, I had no problem rolling out the dough with a rolling pin and tossing the skins. What prompted my question to the Anets sales rep about using a dough roller to make a dough with a lot of oil was the possibility that my oil calculations on the oil usage were too low.