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Steve's Shakey's recipe
« on: December 31, 2010, 06:59:14 PM »
I tried the Shakeys recipe posted by Steve a couple pages ago this week.It was so different and unusual to me to see a recipe with just flour,water,oil and salt.No yeast sure takes the rising and aging factors right out of the equation and I was amazed at how once again,as in so many things in life,simple,basic and uncomplicated can be really,really good!!!
 I did prebake the crust in a 475F oven for 3 minutes then topped it off and finished it to my desired browness(is that a word?LOL)All of my pizzas are cooked on unglazed quarry tile and a side benefit is that it's very easy to deal with sliding just a bare uncooked crust off the peel,once it's cooked for a couple minutes it's no longer sticky at all and very easy to slide on/off to top out and finish.
 My wife who doesn't like pizza that much said it was the best pizza she'd ever had,I think it's the most"cracker-like" crust I've ever done too.Without any yeast,it can be made quickly on the spur of the moment too.Thanks Steve!!!