Author Topic: Frozen Costco (Kirkland) shredded mozzarella strait on Pizza  (Read 3008 times)

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Frozen Costco (Kirkland) shredded mozzarella strait on Pizza
« on: January 06, 2011, 08:16:28 PM »
This might belong in the newbie section since compared to all the wonderful folk here that's exactly I am, but up until now I have been using frozen or near frozen Costco (Kirkland) shredded mozzarella on my pizza's.  I tend to make a number of pizza's at a time and so by the 4th or 5th pie it might not be as frozen but you get the point.  My reason for using it this way is that it kept well (I think) in the freezer and clumped less when spreading.  As I read more here on these forums I beginning to realize there is a lot more depth in making a perfect pie and so I realize this might have been a pretty big taboo.  Does anyone care to comment on this practice?  Does anyone else do this?  Is it a true NO NO?  I'm guess the response really is "it just depends on your oven and over all balance".


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Re: Frozen Costco (Kirkland) shredded mozzarella strait on Pizza
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2011, 08:46:48 AM »
I tried their Kirkland shredded and didn't care for it.  It seemed saltier than other cheeses, even the Grande blend.  Since it's difficult for me to get the Grande in DC (easy when I'm home in Pittsburgh), I buy the blocks of Frigo, portion it and vacuum bag them.  I just break out what I need and grate it as needed.