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Gas Convection Oven
« on: April 27, 2005, 05:14:24 PM »
Does anyone have experience using the convection option on a gas oven in making pizza while using a stone?

Will it brown the top too quicky ?



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Re: Gas Convection Oven
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2005, 05:53:43 PM »

I had some limited experience along with my daughter-in-law in making pizzas (based on the Lehmann NY style dough recipe) in Mexico in an electric oven (Amana) with the convection feature. I was quite impressed with the results. There was no overcooking or anything like that. We used a single stone and baked two pizzas in succession, but my daughter-in-law told me that she has made two pizzas simultaneously using two pizza stones. I reported on the results from using the convection feature at Reply #104, together with photos, at the Lehmann thread at,576.msg7707.html#msg7707. If I were buying a new oven, I would seriouly consider getting one with the convection feature.