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Tonight's NY style
« on: January 22, 2011, 07:01:12 PM »
OK, I cheated... probably not a good way to start my first picture submission. I was shopping at Trader Joe's and saw their refrigerated dough for only 99 cents. I was curious to see what I could get out of it now that I know how to handle my own doughs. Having seen my friends make pizzas with this very dough a few weeks ago, when it was cold and hard to stretch out and flat after baking, I wanted to see how it baked.

I let it sit out and rise for a few hours and then opened it up like I would normally. I made a rim on the outside not realizing it'd puff up way more than I wanted. I was surprised when my friends made it that there was no puff at all. Mine was a tad ridiculous, what with those dough conditioners and all.

It tasted great, though. The only problem was that I was experimenting with a more cooked sauce and overdid it, so the sauce was a bit off. You can see how red it is in the pictures. It was made from Muir Glen whole tomatoes and seasoned with salt and some grated parmesan. But the cheese (Laraia cryo-pack fresh mozz) and olive oil, added post-bake along with some salt, tasted great. I had some basil in the fridge from a few days ago but it looked a bit old so I decided against using it. Baked in a little over 5 minutes on my stone at 550F.

The crust had little flavor, though, and very little salt. That would have really made this pizza shine.