Author Topic: bought 3 kg fresh tomatoes to make pizza sauce from it  (Read 1405 times)

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bought 3 kg fresh tomatoes to make pizza sauce from it
« on: January 22, 2011, 03:08:26 PM »
latly i wanted to make cooked sauce from fresh tomatoes and nothing from a cann. wanted to get to texture i am been seeking for long time and i riched it.
3kg soft tomatoes soft  and red as i can find. after washing them very well, puted them in large pot and poured on them boiled water after cuting + form on them, like versano make, this way the shell peels of very quickly. cuted them into half and take off the green stuff. puted the in blender on pulses mode this way it doesent get filled with air.
poured the content into large black heavy pot with litel bit extra virgin olive oil, salt by taste, litel bit black peper, sugar and fresh grated garlic. cooked it on lowest flame with the cover almost half open for about 5, 6 hours. once in a while blend it a litel. after it was don i got just right the texture i wanted, perfect for pizza.
the sauce came out great one thing that bothers me is and as you usual, its just me who thinks that, its a litel sour maybe somthing i dont know what, the ph sourness. my wife said its the the tomatoes. what do you say?
here are photo. just like we love to see- photos. you can see at the photo the before the last one how the level started before the liquids in the sauce evaporated and the sauce reduced to half. this time i havent drained liquids at all, and it was the right thing to do.
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