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Hot Italian in Sacramento
« on: January 31, 2011, 08:34:05 PM »
Went to this restaurant at about 2:00 PM on a Sunday. I ordered an ice tea and a potato pizza. This place has a very crispy crust, but there is no "rim" of expansive dough around the edge. I was able to fold a slice like NW pizza, and it ate very well like that.

So far, I have visited Mazzulo, One Speed, and Hot Italian in Sacramento looking for the best pizza. All of the pizza I was served at these restaurants was good. I am having a hard time deciding who makes the best pizza. There were differences in all of them. I am glad I have a variety, and there are a few more I can try. I like my own pizza too.

I liked the crust at Hot Italian the best. I absolutely hate their decor. It is black and red everywhere. Their decor looks like they are trying for the younger crowd, and I am 50. Very friendly staff willing to share and talk pizza.

I liked the decor, ambiance, and toppings at One Speed the best. I like that my wife can order one of the best risottos I have ever tasted and have her gluten free diet accommodated. My pizza there had spinach, ricotta, and sheep milk cheese of some kind on I got my Greek spinach pie craving accommodated here.

Mazzulo was probably the most authentic Neapolitan....and is probably at the bottom of the list. I can't say why.

Maybe I have a little redneck in me......Biba, owned by the famous Biba served very good food, but I prefer Espanol, which is an Italian restaurant with some holdover from when they were a Basque restaurant 50 years ago. I like the two sisters and brother who run the place, and I like the mixed crowd....a few older couples, a few old hippies, a few young families, a Dr, executive, what have you, and a few whatevers.....I like the old beater car parked next to the Mercedes or BMW.