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Gentleman Jim's Restaurant - Gaithersburg, MD
« on: February 21, 2011, 06:47:53 AM »
My neighbors wanted to take me to their favorite pizza place last night.  They said the crust was unique and wanted me to try it. I am glad they drove because I would never have found the place. According to their website, their recipe comes from a popular Washington DC restaurant called The Cavalier Restaurant which opened in the 1940's.
We ordered the 12 inch size which comes in a unique shaped pan.  It is square with slanted edges and was obviously well seasoned. The crust was a very light crust crispy around the edges but soft on the inner area.  The sauce was also different tasting like fresh tomatoes, but a slightly sweet taste. The cheese also had a nice character, possibly a blend of some other cheese in it. It all came together very nicely and was very tasty. 
If anyone is looking to try a different type of non-chain pizza, you may want to give this place a try. Their website says they have half price pizza on Monday and Tuesday nights. They also have an extensive Italian menu with a children's menu as well.