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Re: pizza romana?
« Reply #25 on: June 20, 2015, 02:33:37 PM »
Hi folks,

Total newbie question here from a new forum member.  I'm taking my first shot at a Pizzarium style pie and will be following pizzanapoletana's recipe from this thread.  Purely due to scheduling, I'd like to keep the poolish in the fridge (home fridge, around 38F) for closer to 20 hours rather than the 10 or 11 hours described...  Can I do this without massively altering the end result?  Or do I need to make an adjustment, such as scaling down the amount of IDY in the poolish (or in the final mix)?

Moderators: apologies if this should go into the "newbie questions" section - I wasn't sure how to grab the quote and at the same time and post the question in a different area of the forum - please relocate if necessary!


Pizza romana/pizza al taglio best example is at Pizzarium in Rome. It is a very high hydration dough (1.1kg flour per 1 litre of water), made with a particular mixing technique that produce a very strong gluten.

The follwoing is a simpler version (a modified version of my Sicilian recipe):

1000g Manitoba Flour (ready available in supermarkets, also called Americana)
750g Water
7g IDY
25g Sea Salt
50g EVO

In the morning when you wake up, mix the following as to make a poolish:
750gSemolina flour
750g Water (cold)
2g IDY
Then put everything in the fridge for 10-11 hours.

After that time, take it out of the fridge and add the remaining 250g of flour and 5g IDY. mix well and when all the flour has been absorbed, add the salt and oil.

The dough at this point will be very sticky, but do not panic. Wait 15 minutes (covering the mixing bowl) and then "break" the dough and mix again. You will notice that by doing this the dough will absorbe all the water and.

It may be necessary to repeat this process a couple of times until the dough will become less sticky.

Let it rest about an hour, then divide in portions of approximately 500-600g, and let it rest again 40 minutes to an hour in a warm place.

Once it has risen, flatten the dough, grease the baking tray, put the flat dough on it, put the topping and bake immediately.

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Re: pizza romana?
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I tried my hand at high hydration dough recently (85%)
It is fun to play with such a blob ;)

My technique is a bit different but yields good results with AP/bread flour.
I let the dough hydrate for 15/20mins.
Then I add a couple of stretch/fold every 15/30mins.
Then I move the dough in the fridge for at least 48h for bulk fermentation.

Dough weight I saw recommended on some websites is roughly w = (H * L) / 2

Ie: if the pan is 30cm*30cm = 900, then use 450gr of dough.

If you really want to go "italian", the sequence is usually : dough, sauce, cheese, toppings (more visually appealing)