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Forno Bravo vs. Earthstone vs. Woodstone
« on: February 25, 2011, 10:39:41 PM »
Hi everyone!

We are planning to open a new restaurant, serving Napolitana Gourmet Pizza, working on recepies, flour, etc...

One BIG decision right now is THE OVEN! This is our first Pizzeria, we've done a couple of west coast regular retaurants, but never done Pizza... so we got quite a few questions and I REALLY DO APPRECIATE SOME HELP!

It's gonna be a Pizzeria in a high end place with a lounge on the back for weekends. Mostly sit-in, but if all goes well might do take out as well in the future. We are planning to also use the Pizza oven for other food (maybe some grills, salmon, baked food), if all goes well

1. Wood vs. Gas/wood oven
We initially thought wood, however, we are a bit concerned about maintenance of wood ovens, storing/sourcing of wood, oven clean-up/maintenance, etc... any ideas here? I know we can't get Napolitana certified with gas oven, but we were thinking of maybe a gas/wood combo oven?

2. Forno Bravo vs. Earthstone vs. Woodstone
These are the three brands we're looking at. HAVE NO IDEA WHICH IS BETTER! Earthstone and Forno almost the same price, Woodstone is like 3 times the price! We like something that can do proper Napolitana, be quick with good turn-around during busy periods, and to have minimum maintenance. ANY UN-BIASED opinions?

3. Ecology systems
Our city requires Ecology to be installed for filtering out the exhaust of the oven, I am not 100% sure, but I THINK if we do gas/wood combo we CANNOT use Ecology system as it may burn off from wood particles, any ideas there?

Any other tips around picking the right oven is HIGHLY APPRECIATED!

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Re: Forno Bravo vs. Earthstone vs. Woodstone
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2011, 07:27:55 PM »
Hi Alex,

Let me say right away I'm not "un-biased" opinion: I do work with Wood Stone.  That said I see no one has replied to your post yet and we wanted to offer to help with some background info if you are interested.

Specifically, we would be very happy to speak with you about Naples-style pizza and share a little bit of our Wood Stone story and experience, both in general and as it relates to Naples-style pizza.  We do have some good exposure to everything from the certified VPN segment of Naples-style pizza making to those pizzas that are just thinner and called "Napoletana" and the many interpretations in between.  

With best regards,

Merrill Bevan
Wood Stone Corporation
[email protected]