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My sauce breakthrough
« on: May 10, 2005, 05:30:09 PM »
Forgive me if this is basic and old news but it is a revelation to me.  I've been looking to recreate a particular sauce which is brightly, richly TOMATO-Y.  I've tried many of the best whole peeled tomatoes (incl. several San Marzanos), cooked, uncooked, pureed, etc.  But their flavor on the pizza is always empty and somewhat watery.

My favorite canned sauce (Don Pepino) and it's sister product (Sclafani Homestyle crushed) are a step in the right direction but still not enough.  I've realized that something thicker is needed but always avoid adding tomato paste because it has that icky "tomato paste" flavor.

On a recent shopping trip in Connecticut for a variety of Sclafani products I picked up the key to the whole thing.  Something new to me but I'm sure not to members of this forum:  *concentrated* crushed tomatoes.  I did my usual puree of some good canned whole tomatoes and added the conc. crushed product.  Instantly I had the intense tomato flavor I was looking for without the tomato paste flavor.

As I posted in another thread I picked up some Stanislaus and Escalon products, I believe the 7/11 and 6-in-1 are concentrated crushed tomatoes.  So I'm really looking forward to playing with these and improving my result even more.

It is nice when a whole new world is opened up...

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