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Better starter?
« on: April 04, 2011, 06:54:59 PM »
I maintain two wild yeast starters.  The one on the left was created using Gold Medal Bread Flour.  The one on the right was created using King Arthur Bread Flour.  Both are fed daily, and have never been refrigerated.  I have made bread with both, and must admit that I cannot taste any difference between the two.  I have made great pizza and sourdough with both.

As you can see there are much larger gas pockets with the GM starter that with the KA, while both seem to expand in volume about the same, and at about the same rate.

My question is, which would you say is a better pizza starter?  Are smaller bubbles better for creating better overall texture?  Or do I want the larger gas pockets for getting that nice open crumb?

I do realize that I could simply double my next batch of pizza, using half and half of each.  The problem with that idea is controlling the all the other variables inherent in a work cycle.  We all know that even pies from the same batch cooked back to back can be different.

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