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Steve brought a 30 day old cold fermented dough to market last Tuesday to try and see what would happen if it was baked into a pizza.  Steve said it didnít matter if I posted the pictures, since they were on my camera, but what I learned from this dough and final bake, I thought was interesting. 

The dough ball looked like it was way overfermented, at least to me.  When Steve opened dough ball into a skin, it almost opened by itself and had some honeycombs in the dough.  As can be seen on the picture, the dough skin looked like it had a cross in the darker colored part in the middle of the dough.  The final pizza crust did have a complex taste, but the crust coloration wasnít dark enough.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the crumb structure.  It did have some crumb structure in the rim, after the top crust was torn off, but not a lot.  Some of our taste testers, (standholders) did think this pizza was good.  I wonder if Steve would have reballed the 30 day old dough, what would have happened.  I wonder if the sugars left in the dough would have been distributed enough to have better crust coloration.  After seeing Johnís pictures of his dough that was fermented for 89 hrs at Reply 60,13442.msg134676.html#msg134676 I am curious how reballs do really affect the dough in terms of crust coloration.  I know I have tried doughs that were left to cold ferment for a long time and those crusts also had a complex flavor, but never browned enough either.  I never tried a reball on those doughs though.

Pictures of 30 day old cold fermented dough ball, skin, and Steveís pizza from the dough.