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Hello to all
« on: May 15, 2005, 02:14:59 PM »
I am very happy I found this site. I am pretty sure that there is plenty of folks here with lots of knowleadge.
Well, this is my first post. I donīt have any expierience with pizza making, but I been eating pizza a long time. I happen to be in Spain right now but I've been in NY for a few years and I know how good the pizza is over there.

This being said Iīve been thinking about opening a pizza/restaurant place here in Spain. I guess that most of the equiptment listed here I wonīt be able to find in Spain, but I will try.

Can someone provide info as where to start. I guess is a lot of info but if someone can priovide genereal guidelines that will be great. Don't worry about the legal side of bussines, that is going to be different here for sure, so I'll manage that part.

Roughly, at what type of investment am I looking at to start up a place from scratch, letīs say with 12 tables or so?

I will really appreciate any comments, encouragment, etc... This will be a good way to say bye to my military career and start something different here.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Carlos :P