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Prince Pizza Saugus MA
« on: May 06, 2011, 04:33:43 PM »
Hi All,

For the members of the forum living/visited the Boston area, has anyone ever been to Prince restaurant in Saugus Massachusetts? It's hard to describe their "style" of pizza, so that's why I'm starting this thread in the "other types" forum. I would describe the crust as a cross between deep-dish and your typical Greek which tastes somewhat like a biscit (buttery). They go very light on th sauce and cheese but it's a very tasty pizza. I'm almost sure that they must use something other than all purpose flour in their dough....maybe semolina or cornmeal.

Attached is a link and there are videos on You Tube to see what their pie looks like. If anyone is up for a challenge or maybe has already "unlocked" their dough recipe, I would very greatfull  :D