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« on: May 25, 2011, 02:03:45 AM »
Ok -- so I'm new...totally novice.  So I went looking around home depot to find a new stone, or i should say an inexpensive tile to use for my pizza stone.  I have been wanting to try it out, and the staff at home depot were not helpful at all, so i picked one on my own.  Now, remember, I did this prior to much research, and really didn't know what i was doing.  So after reading alot of posts on this forum, I imagine I've done the wrong thing and gotten the wrong tile -- i got a ceramic tile, which seems to be glazed.  All of the posts I have read say get unglazed quarry tile, or other materials.  So -- here's my question - whats the problem with the glazed? I don't want to return it - and quite honestly I already tried it out and it was pretty good.  (of course i'm a total amatuer) but it made a good, thin pizza, crispy I'm just curious what the problem with glazed is- and also what else (inexpensive is key here) I should try if the glazed ceramic tile won't work well.  Thanks!


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SPA, unless you have a material safety sheet that outlines the contents of the glaze, there's always a slight chance the glaze might contain lead.

I'm not sure how much you spent on the tiles, but, as far as stone prices go, steel plate is pretty affordable.  You should be able to find 1/2" x 16" x 16" plate for around $20 locally.  And, unlike quarry tiles, 1/2" steel plate will mimic the effects of a multi-thousand dollar deck oven in a home setting with typical home oven temps (500-550 deg.).