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Salís Pizza in E-town, Pa.
« on: June 24, 2011, 06:32:38 AM »
My daughter and I decided to try Salís Pizza last evening.  It is a new Pizzeria that opened in the E-town, Pa. area in about the last 6 months.  I donít usually try out new pizza businesses in our area, because I am usually disappointed.  Usually there is no taste in the crust.  I had wondered when they were building Salís Pizza how they would do, since there are many pizza businesses in our area, in such a short distance from each other.  The had started the build, by demolishing another small business there about a year ago, and their building now inside and outside are impressive.  It seems like they are doing quite well. 

I ordered a cheese steak and only a slice of pizza, because my daughter didnít want any pizza and had ordered a cheeseburger sub.  I was really surprised how good the pizza was. The crust was very good and the pizza really tasted like some of the NY street pizzas I have tried before, that were really good.  The bottom crust had the right amount of golden brown.  The rim was a little puffy and also was very good.  The pizza had a slight crisp on the bottom crust.  I couldnít watch the man that was making the pizza, because he was behind some kind of partition, but saw they do have a big Marshall deck oven.  I didnít bring my camera along, because I didnít think the pizza would be that good, but will take my camera the next time I visit.  I talked to the Italian woman that took my order, because I wanted to take the pizza and cheese steak home.  I couldnít get much information from her because she had a heavy accent and didnít really understand what I was saying.  It still makes me wonder when I see the TF for NY style pizzas here on the forum if the pizza TF are right for a NY street style pizza, because the slice I ate and most of the slices I have eaten in NY are thicker than my pizzas at market are.  The rolls are freshly made and are kinda flat, but also have a great flavor.  They are also soft.

If anyone is ever in this area, I would recommend Salís Pizza.  They do have waitresses that will take your order and are very attentive, if you want to eat in.