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This is my first attempt to make pizza in a dedicated pizza oven. I've always used my home gas range or an oversized toaster oven that can accomodate a 12"+ pizza (and on the rare occasion, a gas grill to make grilled pizza.)

I guess the first thought is, well, how much of a dedicated pizza oven can you get for $39.97? (not to mention if your order totals $49 or more, you get FREE shipping on the entire order if you enter a specific coupon code!) Well, it's really quite basic and no frills, but it works!

First, I guess I should say that the drawer that pulls out is actually a wire rack that you probably shouldn't attempt to bake fresh dough on it. It is mostly designed for frozen pizza but the company recommends if you want to bake fresh dough pizza, you should get a pizza stone to use inside this oven.

But thanks to that oversize do-all convection-rotisserie-defroster-dehydrator-slow cooking-baking toaster oven, it came with a perforated pizza pan that was the perfect size for the new pizza oven! So instead of trying to buy another baking stone that fit the new oven, I just used the perforated pan.

For it's virgin test flight, I couldn't wait for refrigerator fermentation taking 3-5 days, so I decided to use Y-Town's emergency dough recipe. I believe it was the latest conversions to baker's percents, then I used the Lehman calculator and shot for 2 doughballs almost 22oz. This is a pretty thick pizza, almost Pan Pizza size, but because the oven was only able to support 12 inch pizzas, I made them about that diameter, give or take maybe a half inch on the rim of the pan. The only difference was that instead of the sugar I used honey, about 5 or 6 teaspoons per double batch. (I let the 2nd doughball rise in the fridge for a couple hours and then put it in the freezer for next week.)

I lightly oiled the pan with garlic oil, then assembled the pizza using my own sauce and then 4 slices of mild cheddar (that's all I had left) at 12, 3, 6 and 9, then covered everything with shredded mozzarella. I usually use Margherita pre-sliced pepperoni at this point but instead I tried Hormel baby size pepperoni (think of a Slim Jim diameter pepperoni, presliced), thinly sliced Roma tomatoes, and "nearly shredded" gourmet ribeye from Price-Rite.

This oven says it needs NO PREHEATING. I was skeptical, so I turned the knob to about 10 minutes to see it work before hand. I immediately thought I had a dud since I did not see the heating elements turn red... but I did see a slight burst of smoke when I opened the door again, proving it was heating. Not sure of how hot it was inside, I tried pointing a  laser gun inside it and while moving it around to get a reading, I was quite surprised! It wasn't oven temp but depending on where it was pointed, the gun read temps as high as 764F! And remember, the "coil" wasn't even anwhere near glowing! Matter of fact, it seems the heating element never got glowing red, perhaps an indication of untapped potential if someone knew how to tweak the thermostat control of the oven!

Anyway, here is the pizza coming out of the oven... I turned the timer to 15 minutes and waited about 2-3 minutes before putting the pizza in. I probably could have removed it sooner, but I went for a darker crust. Also is some of the pizza sliced and inverted to see the crust.

I think, for what it costed, it was money well spent. If you smoke, that may be cheaper than a carton of cigs! I've ordered lots of stuff from Bargain Outfitters and they have excellent customer service and customer satisfaction warranty. With the coupon code and ordering something else at the same time (3pc Ronco knife set @ $9.95) I got free shipping too!

The only concern is that it gets hot on the outside and you need to avoid touching it without potholders or oven gloves, and keep children away from it, which is just normal common sense with any type kitchen appliance or oven. Fit and finish is typical of imports. The crumb tray seemed a bit crooked, possibly from the steel being "sprung." It does not affect the performance however. And there is no adjustable temperature control, just a timer that  DINGs when ready or near ready. The wire rack is almost too loose in the tracks so I just gripped the outer wires and pulled them out about an eighth inch to make it a little tighter fit in the tracks. All minor nuances...
I have NOT tried this oven yet with frozen pizzas but am rating it instead for what most members here will be using it for: fresh dough pizzas. I would have preferred something bigger than 12 inches for a pizza, but who can argue seeing it only costs $39.97 DELIVERED?? If you are worried about warranties or satisfaction, check out Bargain Outfitters' guarantee:

Your Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!! You can order from BargainOutfitters with complete confidence. We stand behind every item we sell. If you’re not happy for any reason at any time, we’ll promptly refund your money for merchandise returned, or exchange, whichever YOU prefer. Top quality gear at the lowest prices in town!

But again, $39.97 DELIVERED! And NO, I do not work for the company!

I rate it four Chefs!  :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef:

Below is the link for the Pizza Perfecto! at Bargain Outfitters. I have ordered many things from them in the past and they are a very reputable company (their sister company is Sportsman's Guide.) Order something else to reach $49, add the coupon code BH788, and shipping for the entire order is FREE! Better yet, sign up for their e-mail specials and get savings on many other items.


Now for the pics! The first 2 are the stock photos, the rest are taken by me. Hope this helps!

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Re: $39.97 Pizza Perfecto! Stainless Steel dedicated pizza oven
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This oven is now on sale at Bargain Outfitters/Sportsman's Guide for their e-mail specials subscribers for just $29.97!!!


I'll be making another pizza tomorrow using a pizza screen from WEBstaurant!

Hope this helps!

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Re: $39.97 Pizza Perfecto! Stainless Steel dedicated pizza oven
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Looks pretty darn good for $30.