Author Topic: Here I Sit Broken Hearted...  (Read 2418 times)

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Here I Sit Broken Hearted...
« on: June 10, 2005, 08:22:16 PM »
I don't post often, but I am an avid forum follower.  I had to share my grief with someone, and I thought you guys would understand.  I grew up in North Jersey, which for pizza purposes is New York.  I was weaned on the ambrosia at Phil's Pizzeria in Montvale, against which I have compared all other pies.  Not having eaten there since I was about 13 years old, the memory of that taste was fond but hazy.  A month ago I found myself in Montvale, and Phil's was still there, remodeled, surrounded by different businesses, without the remembered faces, but still there.  I went in and quivering with anticipation ordered a large sausage pie just for me.  As I waited for my first Phil's pizza in over a quarter of a century, I looked around the joint, trying to reconcile my current surroundings with a ghostly memory.  The pizza came.  It looked okay -- just okay.  No blisters, no flecks of oregano... just okay.  I carefully chose and pulled away my first slice.  Too much cheese; not the thin delicately balanced pizza against which I had gauged all comers.  I bit.  Not bad -- just okay.  The crust, a bit bland, some semolina on the bottom and the rim, more delicate than chewy -- none of the alternating crisp and leathery texture that I have held in my heart these many years.  The sauce, simple and tomato-y, probably the best thing on the pie.  The cheese, well-melted and abundant.  Not a bad pizza, but not my Phil's.  Just okay.  No fondly remembered drip of orange-tinted grease from the back of the folded slice onto my sleeve, no slight droop at the tip to be snapped back onto the firmer crust with a flip of my wrist, none of the long anticipated blending of taste and texture from long ago -- Just an okay pizza.  Was it real or merely a manufactured memory?  I'll never know. 

-- Glutenboy  :'(
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Re: Here I Sit Broken Hearted...
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2005, 08:59:12 PM »
Sounds like they went LOW-CARB to keep up with the jones' !!!  Sorry to hear that.  :'(

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Re: Here I Sit Broken Hearted...
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2005, 05:19:46 PM »
From your subject line, it made me think of an old poem whose 2nd line is:
Came to sh*# but only [email protected]%^.

True disappointment is when the realizations set by expectations of your own memory are less than expected. I've been gone from Chicago for 20+ years but visit family there twice a year. SOme places I go meet or even exceed  expectations, but sadly others do not. WHat's really a shame is going back to find the good ones no longer there!