Author Topic: tricks of the trade - the little "extra" ingredients that make good sauce GREAT  (Read 2373 times)

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Hello all,

 So what are some of the few known ingredients we often don't find in some of the recipes posted online. I have heard of adding a green pepper puree, a little olive oil, red wine, cane sugar, etc.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.


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I use paprika (smoked and sweet), crushed clove, crushed celery seed, crushed fennel seed, various types of dried red peppers, and thyme in various combinations and amounts in my cooked sauces.

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I always "doctor" my sauce-usually Del Fratelli or Don Peppino-after a trial taste straight from the can.  Dump the sauce into a sauce pan, add dried basil and oregano that have been ground with a mortar and pestle.  Maybe a little cayenne or black pepper.  Then bring just to a simmer and let cool to marry the flavors.

I'm usually doing a thick pizza, especially Detroit style, so I'm generous with the sauce.  Lay that stuff on!
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