Author Topic: Question's About The Cento Cans  (Read 1144 times)

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Question's About The Cento Cans
« on: July 27, 2011, 06:20:19 PM »
I was not sure where to post,but it does have to do with sauce making.

Does anyone know why the cans are finished differently on the inside? The Cento Puree,Crushed Tomatoes, are a somewhat golden/coppery metallic color on the inside of the can.All the other Cento I tried,the Whole Peeled Tomatoes,whether Italian style or SM,or etc,are all white finished.

I'm just doing this for fun.I'm comparing the flavors between cans and products and was curious why all the cans are not white or gold inside.The white finish looks as if it would help reduce the metallic taste some cans are notorious for.

Here are the pics.